About Us

Polygon Financial is a financial company that delivers its services to investors who are just starting to invest or have already been doing it for a long time. Our staff includes experienced analysts, financial experts, traders and insiders. Together, we definitely know the operation algorithm of the investment market and how to make money from investments.

Our clients receive high profits every day as our professional analysts manage their assets wisely.

We have been working in the investment market for many years, over these years we have managed to develop dozens of strategies, assemble a team of qualified and proven specialists who feel themselves in modern crypto-reality like “a fish in the sea”.


Polygon Financial carries out legal activities that are strictly regulated by the terms of the company. On the official website of Polygon Financial you can find a license that ensures the right for conducting investment activities, as well as other information about the legal status. It is important for us to guarantee the safety of our clients’ assets and personal data, which is why we ensure maximum protection of payments as well as the data of each investor.

Company Management

The company is managed by experienced professionals who have many years of experience in investment activities. Every employee understands modern investment trading technologies. Polygon Financial is a company with many years of experience which is implemented in an automated transaction system. We offer our customers a unique product that will generate income regardless of the market situation. This is the best option from everything that is currently offered on the market

The company has a separate department of specialists who are engaged in determining the prospects for IDO, ISO DAO projects. They regularly analyse the market to find projects that are currently worth investing in as they can bring a lot of income in the future. Specialists review and evaluate the results of each investment project, drawing conclusions and adjusting strategies in the future.

Our company can offer each client an investment portfolio that meets the budget and expectations, reflects interests and can bring the desired income. Our investment packages are an outstanding “pearl” among everything what the market offers. Polygon Financial experts select only the best projects for our investors, analysing the risks of each and the possible profit.

Employees of Polygon Financial are being constantly trained, replenish their knowledge base, study modern technologies and improve their skills. Investors can be sure that their investment portfolio is in good hands. Polygon Financial employs professionals with proven experience and hundreds of successful transactions, all of them have an impeccable reputation, so everyone contributes to the development of the company.

Many years of experience

We have been successfully investing in stock, commodity and cryptocurrency markets for more than 10 years. The team strictly follows a reliable strategy and makes profitable trades every day. You can trust us!

International team

We employ some of the best traders and analysts. We act as market makers on such exchanges as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and many others.

Automatic algorithm

We have put all our years of experience in algorithmic systems. Our robots analyse the markets every day and choose the best prices for buying and selling. Every day we work on improving the algorithm.

Commodity investments

Reliable investments in the classic stock market and high-yield commodity markets. Classic investments provide a financial cushion and guarantees of the funds safety.

P2P Trading

We use liquid capital to exchange cryptocurrencies between large companies and individuals. That allows you to increase capital every day without risk.

Smart contracts

Thanks to appearance of blockchain technology in 2008, we have received the most proven, reliable and secure investment tool in the world. Every day we close profitable transactions on smart contracts.


This is the trend of the last 3 years, investments that bring a big doubling of finances. We enter the project at the first stage before they appear on Launchpad platforms. That allows to earn from x5 immediately.

Priority service

Our team values all new and regular customers. We have developed special conditions for long-term investors. Details can be found on the investment plans page.


Polygon Financial uses a special strong secure SSL encryption program. This means that everything we provide is authentic and reliable. We use one of the most experienced, professional and trusted providers of DDoS protection and mitigation.

Dedicated server

The Polygon Financial platform uses a dedicated server to improve the efficiency of all lending and investment transactions with crypto-tokens. This way we can make the most of the resources of the entire server.